In The Beginning…

An embryo was created through a chance meeting of three people in small sailing craft on the Canning River in the vicinity of Beryl and Modillion Avenues, Shelley. A challenge to race was extended and accepted. That was back in 1974 when Tony Quayle, David Hartley and Dr Malcolm Hoare took their leisurely pursuits just a tad further and ventured into the realms of competitive spirit. Roy Whitehead was talked into buying a Mirror dinghy and was soon joined by Russell Matthews.

In no time there were by the likes of Tony Quayle, Max Birch, Max Taylor, David Hartley, Chris Mumme, Simon Dodd, Stephen Brockman, Geoff De Chaneet, Barry Woodford, Robert Sobott, Con Constantine, John Steinhardt, Jack DeJong, John Gianatti and many others. Through that chance meeting a regular event was established, albeit through impromptu races.

The first General Meeting to establish the Shelley Sailing Club and elect a committee was held on the 23 March 1975. Elected were:-

  • President – Tony Quayle
  • Vice President – Roy Whitehead
  • Secretary – Simon Dodd
  • Treasurer – Max Birch
  • Committee – Russell Matthews, David Hartley, Ian Creed
  • Junior Committee – Doug Hedley

Mainly through the tireless efforts of Wendy and Tony Quayle, Roy Whitehead, David Hartley and later, Dr Malcolm Hoare, the birth of the Shelley Sailing Club occurred at its first AGM on 21 August 1975, for the ’75/76 sailing season.

So successful was this birth in 1975 that, on the boat register for that same season, records indicate 74 boats registered and the number regularly participating in the Sunday afternoon sailing was generally between 30 and 40.

Some Milestones…

At the committee meeting of 29 August 1975 the Commodore advised that the Shelley Sailing Club had become affiliated with YAWA on 27 August 1975.

Management of races was made a little more comfortable in 1976 through the erection of a small marquee/tent just north of where the park toilet block is now.

Incorporation of the Club was instigated in 1979.

The license to utilise the current site of the clubrooms was negotiated with the City of Canning during June 1980.

The original boatshed which now forms the boat storage at the current clubhouse was built in the off season in 1981 and opened by The Hon Clive Griffiths MLC on 18th October 1981.

This included a pipe balustrade around the concrete roof to form a startbox with access by way of a ladder. Canvas awnings provided shade and shelter.

Building of Club Rooms (extension to existing facilities) approved on 20 May 1993. A loan from the City of Canning for $30,000 over 10 years repayable by 20 half yearly repayments was accepted by the Council and notified to the SSC on 9 May 1994. By 31 March 1994 the members of SSC had raised $10,283 toward the Building Fund.

Building commencement – log retaining wall built on river foreshore and footings and slab laid in April 1994.

New Clubrooms opened by Dr Mick Lekias Mayor of City of Canning on 9th October 1994.