Classes Sailed: Heron, Laser, MinnowWindrush


The Mudlark is an ideal boat to introduce 8-12 year olds to sailing. It is a small single-handed sailing dinghy designed and built in Western Australia. With a minimum weight of only 20 kgs and a length of 2.1 m it can easily be transported on the roof of car. It is simple to rig, easy to sail and has a self draining hull made of fibreglass or wood.

Secondhand boats are available from $250 – $750 and new boats can be made at home. Sailed at Shelley, Perth Dinghy, Mounts Bay Sailing Club and Geraldton Yacht Club.

Flying Ant

The Flying Ant was designed over 30 years ago in New Zealand by John Spencer, who also designed the Cherub. The Flying Ant is the ideal boat for juniors who want to sail a fast exciting planing skiff with a single trapeze and self draining cockpit.

Secondhand boats are available for around $1000.

Clubs Sailed at: Shelley, East Fremantle Yacht Club, Mounts Bay Sailing Club, The Cruising Yacht Club



This one-design 3.4 m gaff-rigged sailing dinghy with a crew of two, usually two juniors or an adult and a junior, offers uncomplicated and inexpensive sailing for the family. Made of timber or fibreglass the Heron is easy to sail competitively or purely for family enjoyment.

Secondhand boats are available from around $600 to $2000 usually with a trailer.

Sailed at Shelley, Perth Dinghy and Mounts Bay Sailing Clubs and Maylands Yacht Club. 

Heron Class Captain
WA Heron Sailing Association


At 4.2 long and weighing 58kg Lasers are sailed single-handed by men and women from 15 to over 60 years of age. Different sail sizes cater for different crew weights and experience. The Radial rig of 5.7sq m is designed for persons under 70kg and the Standard rig of 7sq m for 70kg and over. The Laser is the most popular single-handed one design racing class in the world with 170,000 boats registered in over 115 countries.

Secondhand boats are available for around $2500

Sailed at Shelley, Princess Royal and Koombana Bay Sailing Clubs, Geographe Bay and Maylands Yacht Clubs.

Contact: Laser Class Captain, 
WA Laser Association


The Minnow is a strictly one design class which provides an affordable entry to sailing and is ideal for juniors who have outgrown Mudlarks. The craft uses an the easy-to-build ply or fibreglass construction.

Sailed at Shelley, The Cruising Yacht Club, Rockingham and Maylands Yacht Club South of Perth Yacht club.

How to get a minnow – click here

Contact: Minnow Manager , 
Minnow Association

Windrush 14

This 14ft GRP and aluminium off-the-beach catamaran is built in Perth and won an Australian Design Award for its innovative yet simple features which makes it an affordable boat with low maintenance.

The Windrush is suitable for the beginner, serious sailor and the family and can be cat or sloop rigged. It is easily rigged and handled single-handed.

Secondhand boats are available from $2500 and new boats can be purchased for around $14000.

Sailed at Shelley, Augusta ,Jervoise Bay, Lake Hagboon and Whitfords Bay Sailing Clubs and Geraldton, Carnarvon, Denmark, Geographe Bay, Nedlands, Port Walcott, Safety Bay and Walpole Yacht Clubs.

Contact: Catamaran Class Captain